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Upon purchasing an account from your prop firm of choice, you may select the relevant package below that corresponds with your challenge account size. After payment, share your MT4 credentials with us and watch us smash your challenge in real-time.

If you have yet to purchase an account, click on any one of the firms above to do so.

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"I enrolled, paid, Got a confirmation by their team. Then they passed the account within three hours. Done! Price and Service are well balanced. I am glad I found them and chose them!"

"I was looking for a reliable partner who could help me pass a challenge at prop firms. I was positively surprised by the way he did this assignment for me and how the communication was throughout..."

"...They were very polite and understanding (as I was constantly bothering them with questions) as well as replied very quickly which is a common problem I saw with the rest of the firms..."

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How we are able to ensure a 100% guaranteed pass for the challenge is through utilising our cutting-edge HFT bot. It operates at optimum efficiency to take an "unfair" advantage of the minimal latency and spreads that is only found in demo conditions during the prop firm’s challenge/evaluation phase.

It's time you get funded.

At the moment, we have 7 pre-approved firms:
✅ Nova Funding
✅ KortanaFX
✅ Infinity Forex Funds
✅ Quantec Trading Capital
✅ Fast Forex Funds
✅ MSolutions
✅ Social Trading Club Funding

Other firms we accept:
✅ Genesis Forex Funds
✅ Pro Trade Funded
✅ Sure Leverage
✅ Only Funds
✅ Next Step Funded

We encourage our clients to perform their own due diligence on each firm, their rules, and their reviews.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of our HFT service process:
1. Purchase a challenge from your preferred firm by clicking any of the firms listed above.
2. Pay us the service fee that corresponds with your challenge account size.
3. Send us you MT4 credentials for the challenge account.
4. Challenge will be passed in 0-2 business days.

Congratulations! You'll now be trading with a live funded account.

It is important to note that, while prop firms explicitly disallow the use of prop firm passing services as per their terms, we prioritise your security and confidentiality.

To ensure utmost discretion, each client is provided with a unique VPS server for passing their challenge. This measure ensures that it's virtually impossible for the prop firm to detect our involvement. The 24-48 hours duration for the challenge completion is largely due to the time taken to set up these individual VPS servers for every client.

Many other providers overlook this crucial step, resulting in their clients not receiving their payouts.

With SmiteFX, you're in safe hands.

Our commitment is backed by a 100% pass rate guarantee when utilising our HFT method for prop firm challenges. If somehow, against our expectations, the challenge isn't successful, we will offer a full refund of the service fee and your challenge fee.

Refunds, however, are processed under certain specified conditions. For any queries or concerns, do get in touch with our team.
We're here to support and guide you every step of the way.

To better service you, all clients who utilised our Guaranteed Passing Service can get a FREE Premium Robot (Expert Advisor) to help kick-start their trading journey.

Simply Choose any EA advertised in our telegram channel and we will send it to you for FREE!

To learn more, contact our admin on telegram at @SmiteFX


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